Thursday, 15 February 2007

a welcome return to nu pugodi

everyones favourite russian haunt in london has just got a whole lot better. well maybe not, but it has some fine additions.

found a few years ago by our esteemed friend doug on a drunken ramble home, it was populated by russian business men and their outrageously dressed girlfriends in sunglasses, awash in a sea of ultra-violet light and pumping easterneuropean techno. nu pogodi was one of the first champions of the amazing crazy frog song, and our first hearing in london of the anthem, from paris to berlin.

it's name taken from a russian cartoon, similar to tom and jerry, only this time a chain smoking wolf hunting a rabbit, pictured above. an amazing cartoon, but enough
about that now, i will kindly open my door to curious visitors bearing champagne and caviar (beluga of course) for a viewing of mydvd of the cartoons.

the bar only got better with the finest eastern block changing rooms makeover seen on this earth. the ceiling covered in fairy lights and mesh, illuminated moody cityscapes and a glowing fluorescent pirate ship only a few of the additions. this was the place to be seen, fine vodkas (seriously cheap and actually fine) crazy beers in huge bottles with triple figure strengths and pink plates of pistachios, and still amazing music.

then it went seriously shit, new owners apparently. it was renamed no parking or A1 or something, all the original decorations stripped, and the exotic beverages gone. becks was apparently the best beer, and also the only one apart from fosters.

however a quick drink on valentines day prior to a failed attempt to eat in the car wash tapas across the road showed that nu pogodi still has hope left in it. still not any exciting drinks (although they now stock balkita) BUT they now have a poster of stalin on the door behind the dj booth and rumour has it the secret room downstairs is now opened on weekends

so cheers to nu pugodi and more improvements in the furture, and more drunken nights when i have no idea what happened for my last few hours in the bar and throwing up in toilets with holes punched into the tiled walls

more details here

and maybe the most exciting addition to NP bar its official video game, almost as good as mike tyson's punch out or yi er kung fu

music for today: to continue the theme of re-discovery or discovery even, today i foundamy winehouse. great looking lady, and as rumour has it, so is her music. from now on i will listen to my friends

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Stuart said...

that is the most boring description of NP I have ever read. you suck.