Friday, 29 August 2008

enough already

is this a madonna concert or something?


Wednesday, 20 August 2008

yma sumac

go you fucking good thing

last weekend my friend pog re-introduced me to the wonder of this amazing woman. yma sumac is an influence on everyone you could ever want to like.
she is the diamanda galas you can play at dinner parties andthe video above was directly ripped off by kate bush in her sensual world video.

yma sumac recorded an extraordinarily wide vocal range of more than four octaves, from B2 to C♯7 (approximately 123 to 2270 Hz). she can sing notes in the baritone register as well as the range of a soprano. watch the video for chuncho (the forest creatures) to see

she is also believed to be a direct descendant of the last incan emperor

sadly yma is now holed up in an old people's home in LA, adn will never perform again

what a fantastic week. new david byrne and brian eno album AND yma sumac we just have to hope someone will kill kimberly stewart