Wednesday, 11 April 2007


we are now in the lead up to the music event of 2007 and the first little snatch of it is anything but what it should be

earth intruders, the first song to appear from bjork's new album volta is so boring. bad beats and bad lyrics. if this is bjork's return to the dance floor, i am not sure who will be filling it. i wonder where she has been dancing? the song 'in the musicals' from selmasongs (the soundtrack to dancer in the dark) was a much more interesting dance song, and possibly the last good song that hinted at dance bjork has created, apart from maybe triumph of a heart, which was good, but not a triumph

the song lacks any of the urgency it should have regarding it's content, and it is expressed in such a trite manner. gone is all the subtlety of yesteryear and we are given a slap in the senses with american influence overload, right down to her pronunciation of shooter

who would trade matmos for timberland? that's like swapping your Y3 trainers for some timberland boat shoes. bring back drew and mc and zeena, pioneers of the trade, for which you once wore the crown, bjork

fingers crossed this is just a hiccup in what could be amazing. or that the whole album is available as a soft pink truth remix

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

the worst look in the world

without doubt the most foul era of this world's existence aesthetic wise, would be the middle ages. it is them who we have to thank for the hideous medieval revival in the 70s and crushed velvet.
laceup tops, hideous bent jewellery, cheap magical stones and crystals, wispy long hair and hand bags held together with ribbons.

don't get me wrong, one person has pulled it off. stevie nicks. what a genius. she can pull a wizard sleeve off and a silk scarf as she weaves a trail of magic where ever she goes. no one else can. and rightly so, she can have her antique furniture and tiffany lamps flown around the world with her, just to make her that bit more comfortable, as it is only going to make her performance for us even better

the dark ages did however bring about fine weaponry. who can go past a mace or a bommy knocker? torture chambers and moats are other things that we could use more of today. but fuck the clothes, they are seriously ugly, and look even worse today