Sunday, 11 February 2007

avenue Q eat my poo

meet the feebles this is not.
it looks amazing, the set is great, the acting is fine, the puppetry is better than you'd expect. the songs and what they have to go on about is so tame and SO BORING that you would have rather spent the money on a nice spoon to gouge your eyes out with. don't ever see this production EVER.
although it was worth seeing to hear the woman behind me, say to her partner afterwards, "wait til we get home, i've learnt some dirty things tonight"
like what? how to bore him sensless and then stick your finger up his arse?
hooray. what fun. can i have my money back

1 comment:

Doug said...

And the theatre smells of farts. And the merchandise sucks sweaty cocks. And the rest of the theatre thinks this shit is funny and edgy.
Oh dear, it's true: I AM a little bit racist, and I do look at pornography. Oh how fucking iconoclastic.
Jesus, don't forget the stinky little love story. The only thing I hate more than everyone connected with Avenue Q and everyone who ever laughed at it is me for sitting through the whole thing and not throwing anything at the stage.
I want my money back.