Friday, 1 June 2007

so foul but so good


and ond of these

= heaven

for some reason on my ride into work this morning my mouth was watering, thinking of a bakery meat pie (similar to those served at dinkum's in the block arcade in melbourne. top pies served by some beaut sheilas. and to think it was under threat of closure, by wanker yuppies scoffing their crap dry sushi rolls and diet cokes. hideous) covered in tomato sauce and washed down with an ice cold strawberry big m.

that filthy sweet pink dairy disaster is the perfect foil to the crap meat in an overcooked pastry shell with tangy ketchup running down your hand. i'll take that any day over a pizza nut, a pizza nut, mcrancid, mcrancid, kentucky bleached chicken or a pizza nut

really good. and all the better if you have an apple cake or monkey face on hand afterwards

the last time i had this was last october with poggio in blairgowrie on the way to his birthday party. it was my first meal since arriving in melbourne and it couldn't have been better. we were even served by rose porteous's lost cousin, what a genius. the party was also the best party of last year, except my £100 cardigan was destroyed by a whole bottle of red wine. man

and i'll leave you with this inspired advertising:


Stuart said...

yes that reminds me of the time when we were at school and you experimented by eating a bubble-o-bill and a pink iced donut and you washed it all down with a strawberry big M. you spewed. and it was blue.

guy said...

uuuuuuum retard it was pink ! and it was in mum's peugeot, and also it was a bubblegum billabong not a bulle-o-bill, i wan't allowed REAL bubblegum