Friday, 15 June 2007

absolutely fucked

what the fuck do sinks with two taps exist for ?

who can use them ? how, and why ??

it's either freezing cold, or boiling hot. actually, i lie, there is a split second window you can use the hot tap before it cooks the skin off your hands, then you have to go to the cold, which you will pretty much just end up washing your hands under. and i always find hands washed in cold water are harder to dry. like cold water sticks to them more.

and before you say it, as IF i am going to fill the sink and wash my hands that way. maybe if it was in my own house, but then again i would NEVER live in a house with them. actually i lie again, i have. but i moved out

just get a mixer tap morons


Carter said...

What British people like about separate hot and cold taps is the link they provide to a stately past in which we all had time to fill a basin and give our hands a proper scrub.
Coming from Australia, I couldn't expect you to appreciate heritage - or, indeed, such wanton use of water.
But if convenience is more important to you than quality, I expect your next opinion to assert the superiority of the drive-thru McDonald's over the old-fashioned Parisian bistro.

guy said...

if you are going to wash your hands within the actual basin, you may as well eat off your desk, or cleaner still (literally) a toilet seat. the basin would be swarming with germs. i bet you favour a cake of soap over handwash too ? show me a parisian bistro with a mascot as good as hamburglar and i will stand corrected