Wednesday, 2 May 2007

more bad looks

aliens ? WTF ? everyone is obsessed with the idea that there is life out there and that one day we may have a war with them. but god help us when stoners get a hold on such icons.

just look at that they have done !

my friend bek is right in summing up the worst possible image in the world is not just only an alien (and i mean aliens in the communion kind of way, not E.T. who totally transcends the genre) but an alien smoking a joint. this picture takes this further with the worst possible facial piercing, an eyebrow ring.
i suppose in the same way that tom hanks and meg ryan working in romantic comedies together, saves other films from being tainted with their foulness or hideous romantic comedy-ness, combining all these 3 images in one poster saves others from the same treatment.

other things stoners have ruined:
cakes, yoda (i suppose he is an alien anyway), good bleach and good clothes (together making tie-dye), the yellow smiley face and their existence creating that 'an so i got high' song ! UGH

all that aside, i really like this cake if someone wants to make it for me:

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Stuart said...

Personally I cherish the concept of alien civilisations chillaxing with a spliff. It is a plausible explanation as to why life out there hasn't already invaded earth: laziness.