Wednesday, 16 May 2007

the greatest character ever created for television

audrey horne. sherilyn fenn's finest hour.

now that you are old, it isn't two moon junction, it's not actually that great or even sexy, especially now that it's not handed around school on a worn out tape someones older brother recorded when it was on late and rated AO. that show where she was in rehab was ok, but could anyone watch it more than once? unfortunately now she has been reduced to the zedest of the zedest zed grade fodder. there have been a few stand out cameos, her picking her brains out after the car crash in wild at heart was amazing, and as curley's wife in of mice and men, made the whole tedious thing worthwhile actually. her other starring role, boxing helena, flopped just to the bad side of bad, god that film could have been incredible if it was thought out a bit more and julian sands wasn't in it. damn him ruining otherwise reasonable films, it was obvious dario argento had lost steam and THEN he hired him. god

anyway back to twin peaks and some reasons for the title she has just earned

01 she can tongue tie a cherry
02 she has the best lines
03 also the best costumes
04 oh and the best voice
05 her character is consistently good through out the whole series unlike any of the others, notable awards to cooper of course,maddy, mrs palmer, norma, catherine and pete but even they had their slip ups
06 similarly to a trait my friend chi admires in people, she was a person
"with power who'll abuse their privileges without guilt"
07 she had the best shoes
08 she went undercover in a brothel
09 she was incredibly compassionate
10 she was very smart
11 she had the best hair
12 she has a great mole beside her eyebrow
13 that scene was great where she puts a pencil into the side of a polystyrene cup
14 she spies on her father
15 she knew almost as much as the cops did, finding out herself
16 she looked so hot in that cat mask hiding from her father in one eyed jacks
17 she danced in the RR diner
18 she had cooper round her little finger
19 she changed her sensible shoes for heels at school. amazing
20 the way she looked when she smoked

what a fine actress. shame not many people have seen that in her. but apparently she is directing now

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