Wednesday, 16 April 2008

get happy

so we all know work can be a drag. jesus. and sometimes you find you have had to cut out kelly osbourne's grossly over-sized head one too many times. something smiling back at you always helps, especially if it isn't just a crumby happy face biscuit

this week totoro landed on my desk. but unfortunately he will only be there for a few days before he jets off to spend his life with chloe

he puts a smile on everyone's dial

i am not too sure what you would think though if a massive one rocked up to your window like this. my mum used to say when i asked her if she would freak out if she woke up to find E.T. in her room (don't even ask me where such questions came from), that, no she wouldn't.
AS IF, i would flip

E.T. aside, buy instant happiness here:

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Carter said...

When you asked that question, did your mum get mad?